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NEW: Alyssa’s Law compliance via cloud for $150 a month!*

Includes panic buttons and pull-stations plus ALL of EAGL’s sensors - like our award winning indoor and outdoor gunshot detection & soon our new Vape sensor. The EAGL System gives notifications in seconds via text, email, and/or voice calls direct to Law Enforcement or to anyone, anywhere. Options for direct integration into management systems or dispatch systems for local or Law Enforcement use included at no extra costs.

*for any 2 devices, $75/month for each additional device, based on a 3-year contract (plus a one-time installation cost) contract can be pre-paid.

EAGL Technology offers the most modular and cost effective solution for Alyssa's Law compliance and is available in EVERY State.

Alyssa's Law is now active in New Jersey and Florida! Check back often for additional details as they become available.

Complete situational & visual awareness, for all of your personnel connected in less than 30 seconds?                                                                                 YES YOU CAN!

Alyssa's Law in New Jersey

On February 6, 2019 New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law “Alyssa’s Law.” This law states that all primary and secondary schools within the State of New Jersey must install a “Panic Alarm” device that can silently and directly notify law enforcement of a life-threatening or emergency situation requiring their response. In addition the full cost to install this panic alarm system will be covered through the “Securing Our Children’s Futures bond referendum” which was approved November 6, 2018.

More information regarding Alyssa's Law can be found here.

The preliminary guidelines for Alyssa’s Law are now available and can be found here.

4-15-20 New announcement: Release of Alyssa’s Law Compliance Application on NJDOE Homeroom, compliance dates and grant application dates can be found


Alyssa’s Law was named after Alyssa Alhadeff, a 14 year old that was killed along with 16 others at Marjory Stoneman Public High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. In all 34 people were victims of this horrific massacre. 14 students aged 14 through 18, along with 3 staff members died.

Alyssa was the eldest of Lori and Ilan Alhadeff’s three children and their only daughter. Due to the issues revolving around the response and information timeliness the Alhadeff’s pushed for reform of school security and founded “Make Schools Safe, Inc” to inform and help make the changes needed so no other parents would need to suffer such a loss.

More information can be found here.

Read more about Alyssa's LAw

How Can we help?

The EAGL Technology System is the most modular, expandable, cost effective solution for guaranteed compliance.

We are now offering FREE DETAILED COST ESTIMATES for use in your School Security Grant Applications.

The EAGL System approach for Alyssa’s Law uses our platforms unique “Adaptive Response” capabilities to enable a single event to deliver full information directly to where it is needed. This emergency task is performed within seconds with no other human intervention. The information can include the location, event, contact information, satellite mapping, and other data needing to be delivered to law enforcement and any other entities directly using multiple pathways. Pathways can include direct dial utilizing text to speech, pre-recorded messages, email, text, web interface, APP, or direct to any management system in use by law enforcement using our included Application Programming Interface (API).

The event can be triggered using one of our wireless pushbuttons, pull stations, smart phone apps, even through the schools phone system. Also, choose from any of our optional autonomous sensors placed around the interior or exterior of the buildings for even greater security enhancement.

The EAGL System is priced modularly so you can address your initial needs and then add capabilities to the system as required. To comply with Alyssa's Law, the minimum requirement is one EAGL server located at a central point (or EAGL Cloud Service) and one gateway and wireless panic device for each building location . Additional panic devices can be added at anytime without limitation.

** EAGL can now be Cloud Hosted starting at $75/Month per device**

Once installed you will have the infrastructure in place to add additional features such as camera integration, geofencing and lockdown as well as our award winning gunshot detection & active shooter response. For more information on our additional features please see our main website or click here to schedule a demo.

Remote Video Streaming

The EAGL system also can address you need for emergency remote access to live video. EAGL offers this capability within our video integration enhanced function module. This gives access to live alarms, live video cameras, sattelite AND floor mapping included.

EAGL Technology, LLC, is an experienced security equipment manufacturer, producing solutions that address today’s real-world security concerns.

EAGL Technology was established in 2015 after acquiring gunshot ballistic science developed by the Department of Energy (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). EAGL has advanced this technology by creating a state-of-the-art security system. The equipment includes the EAGL Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System and CityWeb.  Both product lines use patented FireFly® Wireless Ballistic Sensor technology which can be integrated with existing access control systems, video surveillance, intercom and public-address systems.  With this equipment development comes the expertise of over 100 years combined security experience.  Our team collaborates with security representatives at all government levels, facility managers, and other security professionals to ensure security assessment, planning & implementation are tailored to meet our customer’s security protocols, budgets and needs.

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